Rihanna's 'What Now' Remix: DJ Reflex Puts A Grimy, EDM Spin On Ri's 'Unapologetic' Track

Check out Rihanna's single cover for "What Now."

Rihanna's "What Now" gets an epic EDM remix, courtesy of DJ Reflex.

You might know Rihanna's "What Now" as a slow and somber song off her Unapologetic disc. But no more! Turns out DJ Reflex, Rihanna's Roc Nation-mate, has just unleashed a brand-new EDM-enhanced "What Now" remix, infusing new life into the once-melancholic ballad.

Listen to Rihanna's "What Now (Reflex Remix)" after the jump.

Set to a club-ready dance beat, Reflex's take on "What Now" places the ballad that used to remind us more of "Love The Way You Lie" a bit closer to sounding like an EDM-infused remix of "Diamonds."

Flanked by grimy synths, an infectious thumping beat, and some haunting reverb, Ri's heavily produced vocals are powerful enough to rise above the controlled sonic chaos as she laments, "What now?/ I just can't figure it out?/ What now?/ I guess I'll  just wait it out."

Moral of the story? Reflex's "What Now" remix still belongs at the top your breakup playlist, but instead of positioning it at the "morning phase," now it's probably best for the "What was I thinking?? Eff off, douche" phase. Like, that phase that makes you wanna head-bang like Alanis Morissette and light your ex's favorite argyle sweater on fire.

+ Listen to Rihanna's "What Now (Reflex Remix)."