Listen To Kelly Clarkson's Insta-Christmas Classic: 'Underneath The Tree'

Kelly Clarkson gets us in the mood for the holidays with "White Christmas"

Kelly Clarkson is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

BRR!! It's a chilly 66 degrees in NYC today (clearly I haven't properly mourned the loss of fall), but while I continue to wear open-toed shoes like it ain't no thang, Kelly Clarkson's dedication to Christmas is still unwavering.

Just yesterday, Kel unleashed her velvety cover of "White Christmas" off her brand-new X-mas disc, Wrapped In Red. Today, we get to hear the album's original Christmas song, "Underneath The Tree," which, if we may be so bold, is definitely on par with other impeccable Christmas originals -- namely Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Yep, we went there.

Listen to Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath The Tree" after the jump.

Flanked by classic Christmasy, bells a-jangin', twinkly sounds a-sparklin', and an uptempo piano lick that we can all but guarantee will soundtrack a "Christmas shopping scene" in this year's go-to holiday rom-com, "Underneath The Tree" has Kelly claiming that no Christmas day is complete without her man:  "Don't need a thing if you ain't holding me tight/ You're all that I need/ Underneath the tree, tonight." Cue a round of "AWWWWs" for Kel's future hubby (and likely song inspiration?), Brandon Blackstock.

Anyway, I think we can all agree that "Underneath The Tree" is definitely on its way to being an instant Christmas classic. Now, if only we could make it to Christmas without sweating! BRB, gotta go have an in-home dance party to Kelly's new X-mas jam... while standing in front of the AC.

+ Listen to Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath The Tree."

Photo credit: RCA