If Justin Bieber Can't Show His Feelings In This 'Believe 3D' #FilmFriday Teaser, Then We'll Show Them For Him... In GIFs!

Watch the #FilmFridays trailer for Justin Bieber's upcoming movie, "Believe."

He's only crying on the inside.

"You gotta hide your emotions sometimes, especially before going on stage," says Justin Bieber in the new 52-second #FilmFriday teaser for his upcoming movie, "Believe 3D." Ahhhh, the trials and tribulations of being the most famous 19-year-old on the planet. But we're not mocking -- that ish ain't easy!

Dropping the latest #FilmFriday teaser for his John Chu-directed "Believe" movie (out on Christmas Day), Justin muses out loud about what it's like to be feeling all the #feelings, but not being able to show them once it's time to hit the stage.

"I could be going through a big argument," says Justin. "And I'm like, I'm about to go on stage right now. And then I gotta rise up on the toaster, and it'd like, I'm upset, and I don't want to have to smile, but sometimes you gotta just suck it up. That's just one of the things you gotta deal with being in this position in this industry."

Hear that, Selena ladies? Justin does not have THE TIME to dwell on his sadz. He's got sold-out concerts to dominate, fans to serenade, and a manly #stache to cultivate. But because we can't bear to see Justin not crying out loud, we'll just have to emote for him. ...In GIFs!

Ready? Aim? CRY!



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Ahhhhhhh, I feel so much better! There's really nothing like a #GIFCatharsis.

+ Watch Justin Bieber's #BelieveMovie #FilmFriday clip.


Photo credit: Believe Movie, GIFs: Tumblr