Star Spotting: Rihanna Hardcore Vogued On An ATV In South Africa Because She's Rihanna (PHOTOS)

Rihanna strikes a pose on an ATV in South Africa.

Ever been jealous of an ATV? Asking for a friend. 

Rihanna's recent South African adventures in between her sold-out "Diamonds" World Tour stops in Johannesburg and Cape Town have been, like, the least lame acts of tourism we've ever seen. After giving baby lion cubs belly massages in thigh-high camo boots and kicking it with the most ferocious crab in the history of crustaceans, the "What Now" singer's flexing her daredevil muscles, riding around South Africa on a scary-ass ATV.

Pardon, did we say riding? Because we actually meant VOGUEING. And maybe a little gyrating? More vogueing, though. Naturally, Rihanna took to Instagram to share photos from her chic ATV ride, captioning: "Rode ATVz through the wild with #TheBigFive animals today in South Africa! #young #wild #free." We also thought "look ma! No hands" would've been appropriate here, but what do we know.

Check out more photos of Rihanna on an ATV in South Africa after the jump.

Rihanna rode an ATV in South Africa.

Where is your helmet, young lady?!

Is it okay to confess that this whole time, no matter how hard we tried to focus on the way that RiRi's hair blows so perfectly in the wind, all we could think about was the fact that the "Pour It Up" songstress WASN'T WEARING A HELMET?! Does that make us even more neurotic and nerdy than you originally thought? It's just, like, we're talking about EXCEPTIONALLY precious cargo, here! Gotta protect that noggin, bb.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram