Hellogoodbye's Forrest Kline Is Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board In 'Everything Is (Debatable)' (VIDEO)

Watch Hellogoodbye's "(Everything Is) Debatable" video.

Hellogoodbye float on in the woodsy "(Everything Is) Debatable" video.

A musician floating in an Oregon forest, singing about trees: sounds like a cool "Portlandia" sketch. Except it's actually Hellogoodbye's new music video, which is way better. In the best camping trip ever, the Cali-bred band went to the Pacific Northwest to film "(Everything Is) Debatable," the title track of the group's upcoming album.

Watch Hellogoodbye's "(Everything Is) Debatable" video after the jump.

Singer Forrest Kline (we see what you did there) filmed the verdant new video in Portland and Opal Creek, Oregon, adding special effects to make the words to the band's snappy dance track literal: "I was frozen there/ paralyzed and floating in the air," he sings, before wanting a woman "to feel the breeze just flowing through the trees."

Like a scene from "The Hobbit," Kline hovers in the sunlight above an immaculate woodland scene, dipping his hand into the babbling brook from the smog-free air. Not debatable: nature rules. And so does the song, which finds Hellogoodbye evolving into full-on indie-dance mode.

The electro-powered chorus squeezes wordless vocal hooks next to Kline's lyrics and funky guitar chords, as disco drums keep the beat moving. Bet Sky Ferreira would sound the opposite of embarrassing singing some harmonies, but let's not get greedy.

The band's Everything Is Debatable drops Oct. 29. Hellogoodbye is on the road right now with Paramore and Metric.

+ Watch Hellogoodbye's "Everything Is (Debatable)" video.

Photo credit: Old Friends Records