Bonnie McKee's 'Sleepwalker' Video Is A Pro-LGBT, Anti-Zombie Pre-Halloween Treat!

Watch Bonnie McKee's "Sleepwalker" video.

Halloween starts early this year thanks to Bonnie McKee's new clip.

In Bonnie McKee's new "Sleepwalker" video, the two-tone "American Girl" singer takes a page out of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" playbook as she fights for survival in the middle of a zombie-infested house party. (Does stabbing someone in the throat with the blunt end of a hockey stick count as a party foul? What if they're trying to eat you? Asking for a friend.)

But Bonnie's not alone in the Patrick Hoelck-directed clip, whose campy '80s horror movie visuals are matched note for note by the throwback synth-laden instrumental. In fact, she's trying to rescue the heroine of the mini-movie, played by actress Kelsey Chow, who turns out to be Bonnie's lesbian ladylove! LAHV IT!!!! (And just in time for today's pro-LGBT celebration, Spirit Day, too. Don't get zombie blood on all those purple ensembles!

Watch Bonnie McKee's "Sleepwalker" video after the jump.

Despite all of the terrifying shots in the clip -- including one where an undead enemy projectile vomits blood all over a "Better Homes And Garden"-worthy suburban residence -- we'd have to say that the scariest part of Bonnie's video is found in the lyrics. Describing her numbness before love lifted her out, B-Mac sings: "When I watched "The Hills"/ I felt nothing." QUELLE HORREUR!

(Well, either that, or the fact that at no point in "Sleepwalker" does Bonnie wear one of her custom-designed tour outfits by The Blonds. #Robbed)

So, just to review: Back in July, Bonnie McKee released the patriotic pop anthem, "American Girl," and now she's dropping the spooky, scary "Sleepwalker" exactly two weeks before Halloween. If she unleashes some kind of plant-a-tree-themed club banger come Arbor Day, we will SCREAM!

+ Watch Bonnie McKee's "Sleepwalker" video.

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