Josh Baze Pitches A Tent In His 'Flashlight' Video, And Yes, We Mean That The Way It Sounds

Watch Josh Baze's "Flashlight" video.

Josh Baze searches for love by "Flashlight" in his new video.

As if setting the mood for a hookup wasn't already hard enough, there's lighting to think about! Which, as Cher Horowitz from "Clueless" explained to us back in 1995, is VERY CRUCIAL. Should there be one lamp? Two lamps? Candles? A lava lamp? And a bean bag chair to match?

And even though we're clearly too indecisive to set the stage for our sexy time, fortunately, singer/rapper Josh Baze totally gets the importance proper hookup lighting in his new "Flashlight" video.

Watch Josh Baze's "Flashlight" video after the jump.

At the top of "Flashlight," Josh Baze, who's wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and may or may not homeless in this video, rummages through some trash. Eventually, he stumbles upon a tent, and, cigarette in mouth, lies back to drift off to sleep. (WARNING! DANGER!) As luck would have it, this is a tent with magical powers! Magical powers strong enough to trigger the most artfully curated, PG-rated (sorry, pervs, sorry, Bruno Mars, sorry, Anita Diamant) sex dream of all time.

In his dream, the "She's Gold" rapper, armed with only a flashlight, finds himself in a department store (perhaps Nericus Marman as seen in Blu Cantrell's epic "Hit 'Em Up Style" video?) after dark and/or the back lot of wherever "Mannequin" and "Mannequin Two: On the Move" (CINEMA CLASSICS, BTW!) were filmed. As he shines his light over a crew of naked plastic ladies, he comes upon an IRL babe posing as a mannequin. Naturally, the two head back to Josh's love tent to have the best sex-by-flashlight session in the history of hookups. (Talk about PITCHING A TENT. #WinkWinkWink)

But... it was all just a dream. When Josh wakes up, his lady has disappeared, perhaps to trot over to a casting call for "Mannequin 3: Hollywood's Revenge." (#DramaticSigh, WOMEN, amirite?) Normally we'd be all like, #BURN, except we kinda have a hunch that Josh has no issues convincing the ladies to sleep over in his tent in real life.

+ Watch Josh Baze's "Flashlight" video.

Photo credit: Cartel Records