Britney Spears Takes A Break From Work (B*tch) To Get Goofy In A Photo Booth With BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw

Check out this photo of Britney Spears and Nick Grimshaw mugging in a photo booth.

The full range of human emotion, courtesy of Ms. Britney Spears.

No, Britney Spears didn't spend Wednesday chilling at your local mall (not the nice one with the Neiman Marcus, the Filene's Basement one) snapping photo booth pics, gorging on Dippin' Dots, and getting banned from Claire's for attempting to shoplift a "BFFS R the B@MB" light up coin purse. The "Work B*tch" singer was actually across the pond on a Britney Jean media blitz, which she capped off by taking some silly pictures with Nick Grimshaw, the host of BBC Radio 1's "Breakfast Show."

Can you believe this, though? We mean, like, when we're willing to fork over A WHOLE DOLLAR for an IRL photo booth (or just use the free one on our MacBook, LBR), we make damn sure to take full advantage of the strong, flattering lighting to live out our long-forgotten "Top Model" dreams.

But because Ms. Brit-Brit's so flawless, she uses three of the booth's four shots to get as goofy-looking as possible! Now that we think about it, we're kinda glad that she didn't whip out some surrrrious "Now get to work, b*tch!" face straight to camera -- we don't know if our poor hearts could take the ferocity!

Photo credit: @britneyspears