Folk-Pop Singer/ Completely Adorable Guy Dan Croll Is Already Ready To Take You 'Home' To Meet The 'Rents (VIDEO)

Watch Dan Croll's "Home" video.

"Home" is where the heart is in Dan Croll's new video.

What's better than a lanky, singing, bespectacled Brit with good family values? Um, how about nothing?? Keeping that in mind, please meet U.K. electro/folk singer Dan Croll, a Liverpool native with all of the aforementioned qualities who can also effortlessly oscillate between Vampire Weekend-esque prep-pop ("In/Out") and Fleet Foxes-esque folk ("Home").

And speaking of "Home," Dan shows off his sensitive side in the single's new video, starring his mom, dad, sister, brother, and 87-year-old grandma. I'd elaborate, but I'm too busy choking back tears of "AWWWWW."

Watch Dan Croll's "Home" video after the jump.

Directed by James Partridge, "Home" features Dan journeying all over the U.K. by train. When he's not commuting, he's visiting his mom, dad, brother, sister, and grandma (who really holds her own in a kitchen table sing-along), strumming out "Home"'s melody in front of his parents' house, and messing around with his mates in the recording studio. It's a week in the life of Dan Croll, and a ridiculously charming one at that.

"My hometown is technically Stoke-on-Trent; it's where I was born," Dan told us in a one-on-one chat. "But I live in Liverpool now."

As for the inspiration behind his latest video, Dan continued: "I do a lot of work in London with the labels. So home for me is kind of spread across three places, and I wanted to get that [across] in the video. It's not just one home, but [the video focuses on] my weekly journey to London, to Liverpool, to Stoke -- it's like this triangle around the U.K."

And how about those cameos from Dan's family and best friends / backing band members?

"The people within those places are very important to me as well," said Dan. "[I've got] family in Stoke -- my dad, brother and sister, family in Liverpool, all my mates, my Nan, then [I'm] down in London with the label."

In one of the video's more endearing moments, Dan has tea and films a little jam session with his grandmother, who happily sways to the rhythm and sings with her grandson. "[My Nan] is a massive inspiration to me," said Dan. "She only lives, like, half an hour away from me in Liverpool, so I spend a lot of time with her when I get back home. Just hang out and share her pearls of wisdom. She's quite a realistic woman."

Any favorite pearls of wisdom?

"There's always been a message of not everything comes straight away," Dan told me. "You've got to have the resilience and determination to keep going. There were a few years there where nothing was happening for my music. It was quite depressing just like, thinking, "am I going to carry on with this?" But she soon kicked that out of me. She's a very hearty woman."

Well, I guess it's not true what they say! Apparently you can go home again. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go see a tissue box about a thing.

Check out Dan's current EP, From Nowhere, and find "Home" on his upcoming full-length, dropping in February 2014.

+ Watch Dan Croll's "Home" video.

Photo credit: Deram