Taylor Momsen Serves Multiple Satanic Britney Spears Moments In The Pretty Reckless' 'Going To Hell' Video

Watch The Pretty Reckless' new "Going To Hell" video.

Taylor Momsen's going to hell, with or without your handbasket.

In The Pretty Reckless' new "Going To Hell" video, frontwoman Taylor Momsen writhes around an industrial warehouse like the Lita Ford-level metal goddess that she is. Not to be that pop stan, but were we the only ones getting MAY-JOR Britney Spears-gone-darksided ("DARK-SAHHHH-DED!") vibes from the Tim Mattia-directed clip?

Seriously, just try to tell us that Tay-Tay doesn't look like Brit-Brit's "Oops!... I Did It Again" evil twin in that black leather catsuit! Only now instead of playing with your heart, she's ripped it out and sacrificed it on an altar. #Oops #AwYouShouldntHave

Watch The Pretty Reckless' "Going To Hell" video after the jump.

 Watch The Pretty Reckless' new video for "Going To Hell."

Are you ready to accept the full power of #Darkney into your heart?

Now, try this on for size! Remember back to Britney's legendary "I'm A Slave 4 U" performance at the 2001 VMAs where she strutted all sultry-like with a python on her shoulders? (HE HAS A NAME, AND IT'S BANANA.) Well, is Little J Taylor's "Eve Biting the Apple in the Garden of Eden" lewk giving you some seriously undeniable Beelzebub-ney realness, or is it not?! We rest our case.

+ Watch The Pretty Reckless' "Going To Hell" video.

Photo credit: Razor & Tie Label