Star Spotting: Brazil Gives Demi Lovato And Her Neon Blue Hair A Plaque For Platinum Record Slayage! (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato accepts her platinum record plaque in Brazil!

Demi Lovato and her neon blue hair proudly accept this Brazilian honor.

Sometimes in life, you've just gotta sit back and appreciate. No questions, no comments, and no funny jokes -- just let a moment of pure, unadulterated, jealousy-filled awe wash over you like a Canyon Ranch honey bath. Case in point: This photo of Demi Lovato, oh so casually KILLING THE DAMN GAME, accepting a plaque that signifies that Demithe "Made In The USA" singer's fourth studio album, went f****** platinum in BRAZIL! #UtterSlayage

Demi took to Instagram to share the momentous occasion with Lovatics worldwide, proudly exclaiming: "DEMI went Platinum in Brazil!!!!" Jeez, if we were to have even a BRONZE record in a little backwoods town nestled somewhere between Podunk and West Nowhereshire (#DreamBig), we'd prolly nerd the eff out for the occasion and wear the bat mitzvah princess dress our mom said was too expensive.

But Demi? She's casually present in ripped jeans, biker boots, neon hair, and the perfect aura of NG[too-much-of]AF. Because Demi has wayyy more important things to nerd out about -- namely her "X Factor" judging gig, planning the "Neon Lights" Tour, and guesting on "Glee" -- than tracking down the most flawless juniors formal wear on the market.

Photo credit: Demi Lovato's Instagram

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