Video Premiere: Jake Miller's 'Collide' Is All Cute Couples, Dance Parties, Oh, And Jake's Bulging Biceps

Watch Jake Miller's "Collide" video.

Hope you like watching Jake Miller shirtless in the pool.

Here's the thing about 20-year-old rapper/singer-songwriter Jake Miller. The dude LOVES chicks! How do we know this? Over the past year, we've seen and heard Jake flirt with a number of extremely attractive women (see: that coupley love montage in his "Runnin'" video, and those super-emo lyrics in the song "Let You Go").

Now, Jake's quest to be the smoothest Casanova this side of Usher continues in his latest endeavor: the borderline puke-y cute video for "Collide." And did we mention it's all about Jake's touchy-feely day with his hot girlfriend? Because we should definitely mention that. In case you're feeling single and vulnerable.

Watch Jake Miller's "Collide" video after the jump.

Directed by Edgar Esteves, "Collide" sees Jake (P.S., You been lifting bb?! Hello, biceps) flirt and frolic with his pretty girlfriend amid a scenic, sunny backdrop. In between the copious amounts of chin caressing, lower-back rubbing, and shirtless pool-swimming, Jake and his babe head to the club where they grind groove the night away to the beat of Jake's EDM-infused record.

But don't be fooled! Just as you think this video is Jake's version of "Love In This Club," "Collide" evolves into an adorable montage of couples kissing! Old couples, young couples, and a young boy who obviously still thinks girls have cooties.

Sure, it's all love and sunshine for the facially gifted Jake, but we really don't recommend watching this video more than once if you don't know where your next make-out sesh is coming from.

+ Watch Jake Miller's "Collide" video.

Photo credit: Edgar Esteves