Miley Cyrus Morphs Into A Naked Alien, Or Possibly Rihanna, For Future’s ‘Real And True’ Video (PHOTOS)

If a smaller Miley head pops out of her mouth all “Aliens”-style, we will SCREAM.

Nothing like a li’l Miley Cyrus DRAMATIX to kick you outta that midday lull! Here’s the deal: These are some just-released photos taken on the set of Future’s “Real And True” video, which is set to drop on Friday, Oct. 18, and features the “Wrecking Ball” singer.

Allegedly, Ms. Milez is supposed to be some sort of alien life-form that Ciara’s favorite astronaut is inspecting for… science reasons, but are we the only ones getting some crazy Rihanna in the “Umbrella” video vibes from that shimmering, silver body paint?? Anyone? Ella? Ella? Ay? Bueller? ’Kay.

Check out more photos of Miley Cyrus and Future on the set of the “Real And True” video after the jump.

As I always say: “If you’re gonna get probed, ya might as well get comfortable.”

Whatever the case, it’s supercool that Miley’s returning the favor after Future guested on her Bangerz track “My Darlin’,” and we can’t help but wonder what we’re gonna see in the movie. Is Miley going to crash down to Earth¬†√† la David Bowie in “The Man Who Fell To Earth“? (Or the videos it later inspired like Marilyn Manson’s “Dope Show” or Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance“?)

NO, WAIT! What if it’s really a mini-documentary filmed in mid-2012 that features Future breaking into the actual Area 51? And there, in the deepest, darkest reaches of the top-secret government facility he found none other than RaTCHETRON 2.3 — otherwise known as THE “NEW” MILEY CYRUS?!?! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. (Right?)

Photo credit: AP Images/ GIF: ATRL