Fall Out Boy Get Biblically Bloody, Hitch A Ride With Foxes In Their 'Just One Yesterday' Video (NSFW)

Watch Fall Out Boy's "Just One Yesterday" video featuring Foxes.

Patrick Stump catches a ride with Foxes in Fall Out Boy's "Just One Yesterday" video.

After suffering a beating at the hands of a tween gang in the band's "The Mighty Fall" video, Fall Out Boy's grisly story continues in the "Young Blood Chronicles" part six of 11: "Just One Yesterday." This time, the foursome are bloody and bruised, making their individual ways through the woods to try to hitchhike to the hospital.

Watch Fall Out Boy's "Just One Yesterday" video after the jump.

Dudes don't have much luck, though: A girl in a pageant crown runs screaming from Pete Wentz, and his bandmates don't do much better. But Patrick Stump -- despite a Captain Hook hand! -- can't scare off British singer Foxes, who takes the wheel and throws down some harmonies mostly at the same time. Multitasking!

The video's full of biblical imagery, with a snake ceaselessly slithering behind the boys and a dark scene with an apple that ends with Wentz barfing blood. Pretty sure that didn't happen to Eve, guys.

Eventually the quartet gets their ride, but not before a supernatural cliffhanger ending. Fall Out Boy's still got five more parts of the Save Rock And Roll spooky saga to go, though they've already released new material: the 8-track "Pax Am Days" EP, a gritty session recorded at Ryan Adams' Hollywood studio.

+ Watch Fall Out Boy's "Just One Yesterday" video (NSFW).

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