Kelly Clarkson's 'White Christmas' Totally Puts Us In The Holiday Mood, Even If It's Still 65 Degrees Out

Kelly Clarkson gets us in the mood for the holidays with "White Christmas"

Christmas came early this year for Kelly Clarkson.

This is what the holiday season must feel like in L.A., no? Because no matter what kind of "real feel 63" crap the weather man was spouting yesterday, you and I both know that it was straight-up 70 degrees in NYC.

But no matter! Even though we're still wearing flip-flops in mid-October, we've got Kelly Clarkson's stunning version of "White Christmas" (off her forthcoming Christmas album, Wrapped In Red) to help us get into the chilly holiday spirit!

...And also to remind us to pick our winter coats up from storage on the slim chance that temps actually sink below 40 degrees.

Listen to Kelly Clarkson's "White Christmas" after the jump.

Although she inserts some subtle melisma (it wouldn't be a proper Kelly jam without a few dizzying runs) into "White Christmas," the "Tie It Up" singer generally keeps things simple, rarely straying from the track's classic melody. But we think that must've been intentional; the song's organic arrangement provides ample opportunity for Kelly's vocals to shine.

Kelly's "White Christmas" vocal is precise, warm, and lush, which, coincidentally, are adjectives we might use to describe a hot cup of cider if -- once again -- it felt cold enough to even contemplate consuming beverages without ice.

Until then, we'll just do in-home karaoke to Kelly's Christmas album and gaze longingly at the 99 cent store twinkle lights we hung over our bed.

+ Listen to Kelly Clarkson's "White Christmas."

Photo credit: RCA