Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger's 'Let Me Go' Video Is Even More Of A Gothic, Canadian Cry-Fest Than We Anticipated

Avril Lavigne gets emotional with Chad Kroeger in their "Let Me Go" video

Avril Lavigne does a lot of sad staring in her "Let Me Go" video.

It's no secret that "Let Me Go," Avril Lavigne's duet with husband Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and the latest single off her forthcoming self-titled album, is an emotional blackout waiting to happen. It's got weepy synths, haunting harmonies, poignant lyrics, and now, an equally sob-inducing music video!

Just as we expected, the "Let Me Go" video is filled with enough teary imagery of Gothic sadness and time slipping away to make us wonder if we'd accidentally stepped into an Evanescence video. For a girl who refuses to grow up, this video seems pretty damn adult.

Watch Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger's "Let Me Go" video after the jump.

In the dramatic, Chris Sims-directed clip, a ball gown-clad Avril stares forlornly at an empty old mansion. As she belts out her ballad, an old man enters the picture. At first, he appears to be just a lonely groundskeeper, but eventually we find out that the old man is actually an aged version of Chad Kroeger! Now we get it...

As Avril sadly watches her new (old?) husband strumming the guitar, old Chad morphs into young Chad, and he sticks around just long enough to lovingly stroke his wife's shoulder while she plays the piano.

But wait, things just got too positive and possibly too real. As the video comes to a close, both old Chad and new Chad disappear, and Avril's left all alone to feel ALL THE FEELINGS.

In sum, there's no question that "Let Me Go" is 100 percent packed with some crazy gorgeous Gothic imagery and English class metaphors. And I bet if we thought about it long enough, we'd probably come out of this experience with a thesis paper or three!

But now may be a good time to confess that we're too busy writing Chavril fan fic focused, specifically on the newlyweds interacting on the "Let Me Go" set. Did they have separate trailers?!? Did Chad approve Avril's outfit?! Did she help to comb his beard?! #questions #feelings #Canada

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