Bruno Mars Has Animal Sex With A Stripper Version Of Freida Pinto In His 'Gorilla' Video!

Watch Bruno Mars' "Gorilla" video.

Bruno Mars' "Gorilla" video is the Freida Pinto sex fantasy of your dreams.

Like the good Bruno Mars Stans we are, we waited very patiently for Bruno's "Gorilla" video (the latest release off Unorthodox Jukebox) to drop yesterday. But unfortunately for us, Bruno posted a message on his Facebook explaining that his latest visual masterpiece would have to be delayed by one day. But... WHY?

Well, now that the video has finally surfaced, we're pretty sure the answer is this: The world was not yet ready for FREIDA PINTO AS A SEXY STRIPPER. Nor were we ready for Freida's insane body, face, stripping capabilities (more on that later), and ability to grind on Bruno's lap.

Watch Bruno Mars' "Gorilla" video after the jump. 

Codirected by Bruno and Cameron Duddy, "Gorilla" basically documents Bruno's hot, long, sweaty, raunchy make-out sesh with Freida Pinto. But first, here's the back story: Bruno's band is the house entertainment at a local strip club run by the one and only Luis Guzmán. Naturally, all the strip club ladies have their eye on B-Mars, but it's Freida, the new girl in town, who steals his heart.

Oh wait, did we say "steals his heart"? Because what we meant to say was "bang him in the backseat of a car."

Anyway, after a "Pour It Up"-caliber striptease (and trust us, the bustier-clad Freida gets IN TO IT), our lady of the night finds Bruno in a back alley. Next comes the epic sweaty hookup we've been talking about (like, there's REAL KISSING AND TOUCHING), and, after some more heavy petting in the back of Bruno's whip, the video comes to a close, and you're left allllll alone to question the quality of your past sexual exploits.

Here's us watching "Gorilla."




And there you have it! Honestly, the only thing missing from this near-perfect softcore porn movie video was the famous "Titanic Sweat Hand." Or, in other words, who's up for a cold shower?

Watch Bruno Mars' "Gorilla" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Atlantic Records, GIFs: marksolock