Is Justin Bieber's 'All That Matters' Clip The First Music Video To Feature Crotch-Thrusting On The Great Wall Of China?

Justin Bieber crotch-thrusts on the Great Wall of China like no other.

Look out, ancient nomadic invaders, here comes... Justin Bieber's crotch?

So, remember that time Justin Bieber was literally carried up the Great Wall of China by his entourage? Well, it turns out that he was doing more than just practicing his 21st-century God King moves. In fact, he was filming a super grainy, D.I.Y.-style music video for his just-released #MusicMondays track, "All That Matters." (That is, if this is the final version of the clip. #NotClear yet. More on that later.)

And oh, oooh! Just as sure as the stars in the sky, before the clip even reaches the 20-second mark, JB has straight-up THRUST HIS CROTCH direct to camera. Does this incredible act of physical might and/ or magic mark the first time anyone has ever dared thrust their crotch on the Great Wall of China? We're gonna go with an emphatic "YUSS!" We'd like to see you prove us wrong. (No, really, it would be extremely impressive if you could name music vids off the top o' your head featuring Great Wall crotch-thrusting.)

Watch Justin Bieber's "All That Matters" video after the jump.

Although it's possible that the admittedly rough clip isn't the final cut for the release (no offense to WorldStarHipHop, but it's posted on WorldStarHipHop and no where else), we'll obviously take what we can get. Aside from crotch-thrusting on Great Wall of China, Justin also grooves solo, serenades babies, and jams in a tramway 'cause #YOLO, but whateva because we are obviously mostly here for the crotch-thrusting. All hail the "Heartbreaker"!

+ Watch Justin Bieber's "All That Matters" video.

Photo credit: Island/ GIF: MTV