Atlas Genius Take A Stylish Stroll Through New York City In Their 'If So' Video

Watch Atlas Genius' "If So" video.

Atlas Genius adopt New York City as their backdrop in "If So."

Ah, New York City. The picture-perfect backdrop for sidewalk strolls, beautiful girls, and, of course, ultra-stylish rock 'n' roll music videos.

Though many bands have made NYC their music video playground (Cat Power's "Manhattan," M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes," Jay Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State Of Mind," just to name a few), this time we're referring to Aussie electro-pop performers and MTV Artist To Watch Atlas Genius, who've just dropped their new video for "If So," which might as well be called "Aesthetically Pleasing Love Letter To New York."

Watch Atlas Genius' "If So" video after the jump.

Taken from 2013's When It Was Now, the Anders Rostad-directed clip features brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery wandering through various (and mysteriously clean-looking) NYC scenes. They're crossing the Williamsburg bridge, they're traipsing through subway tunnels, they're on an East River Ferry pier, they're posing attractively against colored brick walls... You know, what everyone does in NYC on the weekends. (Er, I mean, that's what we would do if the subways worked on weekends.)

With a playful camera splicing trick, "If So" also includes a few night-to-day shots of the NYC skyline as Keith and Michael wait for the subway and trade glances with a super attractive brunette. A super attractive brunette (oh hey, Sofia Black-D'Elia from "Skins" and "Gossip Girl"!) who's also doing New York-y things like riding the subway and, yep, posing against more brick walls. Because why not? When in NY, pose like the locals do.

Watch "If So" below.

+ Watch Atlas Genius' "If So" video.

Photo credit: Warner Bros

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