Star Spotting: BREAKING! Austin Mahone Gets... A HAIRCUT! (PHOTOS)

Check out Austin Mahone's new haircut.

Austin Mahone gets a haircut, so, uh... STOP THE PRESSES!!!!

At high risk to his present follicular flawlessness, Austin Mahone rolled the dice and CUT HIS HAIR last night!!!! Now before you start panicking that the "What About Love" singer asked for Justin Timberlake throwback ramen curls or raver buns à la Miley Cyrus -- or even SHAVED IT ALL OFF #AUDIBLEGASP -- take a deep breath! You zen? Cool, now let's take a peek at what Austin ordered up at the barbershop...

See what Austin Mahone's new haircut looks like after the jump.

Check out Austin Mahone's new haircut.

CUTE! Honestly, we're just glad it's not an ironic mullet.

And... it looks exactly the same! I mean, how can you perfect PERFECTION? Just in case you don't believe that this pic is in fact the "after" photo, Austin captioned: "New haircut! What do you think? :)"

You want our honest opinion, Austin? Obvs, we love it, but NEVER, EVER SCARE US LIKE THAT AGAIN! From now on, we'd prefer getting our Mahomie-related heart palpitations from more pleasant things like photos of you wearing snuggly pizza couture, or, um... YOUR MUSCLES. Got it? Thx.

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram

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