In A Moment Of #Meta Perfection, Nicki Minaj's iPhone Case MATCHES HER IRL FACE! (PHOTO)

Nicki Minaj's iPhone case matches her face!

Nicki Minaj's iPhone case looks just like HER REAL FACE!

Wanna know how you know you've made it? When your iPhone case matches your actual face! (And not one you secretly ordered off a nerdy design-your-own iPhone case website!)

Oh, and according to the above photo of Nicki Minaj taking a selfie with an iPhone protected by her Nicki Minaj iPhone case, you've also hit it big when your lipstick matches your outfit...which also matches your gel nails. (But mainly the iPhone case thing.)

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In a totally pop star-themed #META moment, Nicki Minaj posted a selfie to Instagram using her Nicki Minaj-themed iPhone. (We'll pause while you re-read that and try to understand what we just said. I realize it's a little #TwilightZone complicated.)

Along with the photo, Nicki captioned: "Love ya #Selfie." (Puns on puns on puns!)

Nicki Minaj werques in all-pink-everything

Just because! 

Now we're wondering what kind of juicy ish Nicki Minaj's iPhone case has seen! Was it present during Nicki's twerk-spoof for Ellen? Did it witness sideboob-gate 2013? Was it privy to that one time Nicki's rack shoved Diddy out of a photo frame?! If only plastic Nicki could talk!! (She'd probably get a million dollar book deal...)

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj's Instagram