BROODS Is A Synth-Pop Duo You Need To Listen To IMMEDIATELY!

Listen to Broods' debut single, "Bridges."

BROODS' chilling debut will fit right into your autumn playlist.

This past weekend, we came to a startling conclusion: IT'S FALL. Sure, literally 99.9 percent of people not in comas probably could've told you that, but we don't really make a mental note of summer's end until we're able to take the subway to work in a jacket and scarf without ending up a sweaty mess. (#TMI)

And now that we've accomplished this stunning feat, we've found the perfect track to pair with our morning commute this season: BROODS' debut single, "Bridges," a bittersweet synth-pop echo chamber of a track that'll keep you warm as a crisp autumn wind/ too-close fellow commuters' breath laps at your face.

Listen to BROODS' "Bridges" after the jump.

First, here's some background info on the band. Hailing from New Zealand, BROODS is Georgia and Caleb Nott. Whether the young duo are related may not be clear, but their musical prowess is undeniable. Even fellow Kiwi artist Lorde, the teenaged prodigy behind the smash hit "Royals," felt compelled to give 'em a shout-out on Twitter!

On "Bridges," Georgia plays simple repetition to the band's strength, breathlessly chanting variations of "Now I'm burning all the bridges/ Watching it go up in flames" throughout. The result is like some brilliant cross between CHVRCHES and Ellie Goulding -- a mellowed-out take on Physical Therapy's "Drone On" featuring Jamie Krasner. Needless to say, we've already added "Bridges" to our "FALL JAMZ" playlist, and we recommend that you do the same.

+ Listen to BROODS' "Bridges."

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