Star Spotting: Beyonce + Jay Z Do The Impossible, Make Matching Couple's Denim Outfits Look Supercute! (PHOTO)

Beyonce and Jay Z somehow make matching denim look cute.

Beyoncé greets the French paparazzi with a regal "Le #BOWDOWN."

Usually, seeing couples in matching outfits sets off my gag meter. But catching Beyoncé and Jay Z in complementary denim and leather doesn't at all, and I just can't figure out why! Ohhh, wait, now I remember! Queen B and Hova are the most perfect couple ON THE EFFING PLANET. Sorry for that momentary memory lapse.

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Speaking of memories, we have not forgotten about that time when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake also did the whole matchy-matchy jean-semble thing, like, millions of years ago (2001) and were BEYOND cute. But listen, we're not talking about "cute," here -- we mean legitimately, unequivocally NAILING the lewk beyond the shadow of an ironic snark.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears' denim outfits.

Never forget.

Personally we feel like both moments are flawless in completely different ways, and you really can't compare them. That's like trying to decide which is better: pizza or donuts. YA CAN'T! (BTW, plz don't ever attempt such a foolish endeavor out of respect for pizza and donuts. Thx.)

Instead of using this photo as an excuse to endlessly debate which famous couple wore which expression of Canada's national costume better, how about we all celebrate the fact that we've all been blessed with the opportunity to see Beyoncé WERQUE it in a pair of tight leather pants? #Amen

Photo credit: AKM-GSI / Getty Images