The Wanted's 'Show Me Love' Video Has Officially Rendered Us Emotionally Done For The Day

Watch The Wanted's new video for "Show Me Love."

The Wanted get serious, sexy, and supremely rain-soaked in their new clip.

We're pretty used to seeing the lads of The Wanted acting like, well, lads. Seducing sexy ladies who "Walk Like Rihanna," proclaiming that they "Own The Night" over a round o' pints -- that's all par for the course with Nathan, Max, Jay, Siva, and Tom. That's why it's so refreshing to see the British-Irish boy banders get serious for a second in their "Show Me Love" video, the fifth single off of Word Of Mouth (out Nov. 4), even if it's to serenade us with a breakup ballad.

NOTE: We recommend you grab the nearest box of Kleenex and have Lisa Loeb's "Stay (I Missed You)" handy on Spotify as a musical chaser. Things are about to get ROUGH.

Watch The Wanted's "Show Me Love" video after the jump.

Opening in a large proscenium stage straight out of the Backstreet Boys' "Shape Of My Heart" video, the black-and-white Frank Borin-directed clip features a young couple that was never meant to be.

Meanwhile, The Wanted get on their "Suit & Tie" ish to reflect back on a past relationship that didn't work out: "We could've reached the highest heights/ A different place, a different time." They conclude that "All you had to do was show me love." (Excuse us as we furiously raise our hand and shout "OH! OH! ME! ME! ME!" like the second grade know-it-all from HELL.)

As the young, withholding lady realizes moments too late what she could've done to save the relationship, she runs back into the theater to find her man already gone. Cut to The Wanted in an alley at night, getting pounded with more music video raindrops than BSB and K-Ci & JoJo combined. Cut to TEARS.

All the boys get some pretty drool-worthy face time, and Nathan, Jay, and Tom even get some heart-meltingly emotional solo moments. Speaking of Mr. Ariana Grande, it's great to know that Nathan's found a young lady who will finally show him love like he deserves. Like, we were waiting here the whole time with bells on -- BELLS! -- but Nathiana's cool by us.

+ Watch The Wanted's "Show Me Love" video.

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