Video Premiere: The Dismemberment Plan's 'Waiting' Is Half Video Game, Half Quirky Dance Party

Watch The Dismemberment Plan's "Waiting" video.

The Dismemberment Plan dance themselves clean in the video for "Waiting."

Indie quirk-pop pioneers The Dismemberment Plan are back, and frankly, we couldn't be more thrilled. Why? Well, for one thing, it's been about a full decade since the recently reunited Washington, D.C., act put out a record, 2001's Change, and even longer since their commercial breakthrough record, 1999's Emergency & I.

Heck, the band itself dates back to 1993, so to have a whole new album, Uncanney Valley, on the horizon may send us into a full-on '90s nostalgia seizure. Fortunately, the guys look relatively calm in their new "Waiting" video, even if they aren't too cool to break out into a nonchalant dance routine here and there.

Watch The Dismemberment Plan's "Waiting" video after the jump.

Shot in front of a series of video game-like graphic screens (think: the opening credits to "Saved By The Bell" minus a few sunglasses), "Waiting" stars The Dismemberment Plan playing their instruments and shaking that thing while an enthusiastic coterie of backup dancers pantomime the lyrics using sign language.

Though their backup dancers have nothing BUT expressions, The Plan, on the other hand, look pretty nonchalant. Occasionally the guys flash a huge smile and bust a silly dance moves, which kinda reminds us of something They Might Be Giants would do (circa "Birdhouse In Your Soul"), but on the whole "Waiting" isn't overly serious or silly. It's just plain fun.

Dance along with The Dismemberment Plan below, and look out for Uncanney Valley when it drops Oct. 15 on Partisan Records.

+ Watch The Dismemberment Plan's "Waiting" video.

Photo credit: Partisan Records