Rihanna Mugs With Giraffes, Chills With Cheetahs + Nuzzles Lion Cubs On Her South African Safari (PHOTOS)

Check out photos from Rihanna's African safari!

How much you wanna bet that the giraffe started it?

You know how before you go off into nature, there's usually some park ranger on hand to remind you not to disturb the inhabiting wildlife? Well, we're guessing that Rihanna told said guide to talk to the incredibly well-manicured hand while on safari in South Africa in between her Johannesburg and Capetown "Diamonds" World Tour stops, because in what guidebook are visitors advised to make like Miley Cyrus and stick out their tongues at the nearest giraffe??

Check out more photos of Rihanna on safari after the jump.

Check out photos from Rihanna's African safari!

Literally out of a fashion spread, both of them. That giraffe? Giving you NECK!

Clad in some thigh-high, stilletto-heeled, camo leather boots, no pants, and a shirt that reads "FAME," Rihanna is giving us, well, 100 percent pure unadulterated RIHANNA in these vacay pictures, which the "Pour It Up" singer posted on Instagram earlier this morning.

Check out photos from Rihanna's African safari!

Vacation picture or single cover art? We really can't tell.

Like, we're sure that if we went on a family trip to this animal enclosure outside of South Africa's largest city, our parents would make us stand a safe 10 to 15 feet away from any and all cheetahs to take our cheesy smiley shots. But, Rihanna? Even her tourist self is set to cool, detached "FASHION KILLA" mode, getting up-close and personal on even the greatest of great cats.

Check out photos from Rihanna's African safari!


However, even the "Stay" songstress' icy, model-esque mugging couldn't withstand this BEYOND adorable bb lion cub. The soft fur! The two-sizes-too-big paws! The upturned eyebrows that seem to be saying "Plz nuzzle behind my ears right meooooow"!!!! Despite her immortal-level, diamond-grilled, Bajan goddess status, Rihanna could not resist this pile of fur and love and snuggliness. Who could? PPL WITHOUT HEARTS. THAT'S WHO.

Check out photos from Rihanna's African safari!

We're guessing that Rihanna's flawless #NailGame was PERFECT for scratching li'l lion cub bellies.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram