Jared Leto's 'Dallas Buyers Club' Transformation Has Oscar Written All Over It! (VIDEOS)

Watch Jared Leto's sure-to-be POWERFUL performance in "Dallas Buyers Club."

We like him! We really like him!

Clearly we already knew that Jared Leto is a preternaturally gifted actor. (See our Jordan Catalano-plastered locker of yore for proof.) But we're having "Wrecking Ball"-levels of emotion watching this sneak peek of his performance in the 1986-set "Dallas Buyers Club," the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman's first film role since 2009's "Mr. Nobody."

Watch Jared Leto in this new clip from "Dallas Buyers Club" plus the film's trailer after the jump.

Playing Completely losing himself in the part of Rayon, an HIV-positive transgender woman who teams up with Matthew McConaughey's character to smuggle not-yet-FDA-approved drugs into the U.S. from Mexico, Leto has officially jumped straight to the top of our "2014 Oscar predictions" short list. Eat your heart out, Ashton Kutcher -- this is Jared's "Million Dollar Baby" moment!

Oh, and if the "Do Or Die" singer mentions the Echelon in his acceptance speech... ALREADY FAINTING.

+ Watch the "Dallas Buyers Club" clip "Just Promise Me," and check out the 'the "Dallas Buyers Club" trailer. "Dallas Buyers Club" premieres Nov. 1.

Photo credit: Focus Features