Mercy! One Direction's 'Midnight Memories' Album Cover Proves That This Boy Band Is ALL MAN!

Check out the album cover for One Direction's "Midnight Memories."

More like "Man-night Man-ories," amirite??

In case you haven't seen One Direction's recently unveiled Midnight Memories album cover, BEHOLD! Aside from the fact that this signals the impending next era of Directioner stanning, we're mostly excited about the fact that Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Niall all look like unequivocable, grown-ass MEN in the photo. Seriously, in terms of *NSYNC, the "Best Song Ever" singers have all officially graduated from Justin Timberlake twink status and are now card-carrying members of the full-fledged, lumber-chopping JC Chasez manhood alliance. APPROVE!

Just look at Louis -- we're so antsy to know your thoughts on the movie "Sideways." Awwwww, and Zayn! Looks like somebody just spied a flat tire that needs replacing! And as Liam drifts into another unfortunately timed 'Nam flashback, Harry chuckles to himself contentedly as visions of steak 'n' eggs dance in his head. All the while, Niall fondly looks back on his Wisconsin Badgers days in college. Tearing up, the blondest fifth of 1D restrains himself from crying, instead opting for a single, stoic tear out of one eye. Why? Because MAN.

#AudibleSigh, it feels like just yesterday that these boys were nothing more than a bunch of adorable, dimple-cheeked kids! Oh, wait -- it was. Regardless, if this Midnight Memories (out Nov. 25) visual offers any insight into the tone of their next single, "Story Of My Life" (out Oct. 28), then we're just gonna strip down to our unders, unfurl an elegantly masculine bearskin rug, and get comfortable. #BurtReynolds

Photo credit: Columbia

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