This DJ Apt One Remix of Drake's 'Hold On, We're Going Home' Basically Reinvents Groovy

Listen to DJ Apt One's remix of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home."

Just hold on, we're getting groovy.

You don't hear the word "groovy" that much anymore, which is a shame because no other synonym could possibly do a good job of conveying the word's unique blend of danceable cool, chill vibes, and, well, grooviness.

It's also a word you can't describe without using the word itself, and, like art and porn, while it's hard to define, you know it when you see it in action.

Anyway, "groovy" is the word that instantly popped to mind about five seconds into this Drake remix "Hold On, We're Going Home (DJ Apt One Italienische Version)" from DJ Apt One.

"What was Drake doing in 1985?" the Philadelphia DJ asked on Twitter. He's got the answer here.

Listen to "Hold On, We're Going Home (DJ Apt One Italienische Version)" after the jump. 

"[I] unearthed a remix I once did for popular 1980s Italian HI-NRG singer Drake (nee Aubrizzio Driaggio Grahamino), best known for coining the Italian phrase 'si vive una volta sola' (YOLO) and for his role as 'Jimmy di Sedia a Rotelle' in the RAI-Italia afternoon special Scuola DeGrazzio," the DJ joked, announcing the song. "Ripped from a 1985 German 12? Maxi Single version."

It would seem like you couldn't get much more "8tz" than the smooth funk of Drake's original track, but Apt One dials the period signifiers all the way up to their full potential, relocating the setting of the song to the Italo-disco era of hand-clap beats, and yacht-wave synths. It's the sexiest dance party in a beachside dentist office waiting room you've ever heard.

+ Listen to "Hold On, We're Going Home (DJ Apt One Italienische Version)."

Photo credit: DJ Apt One