Emblem3 Is Still Really, Really Homesick In Their '3000 Miles' Video

Emblem3 are still pretty homesick in their "3000 Miles" video.

Emblem3 just wanna go home in their "3000 Miles" video.

Sure, the muscular Gods that comprise Emblem3 may have nabbed the coveted opening slot on Selena Gomez's "Stars Dance" World Tour, but that doesn't mean the trio doesn't occasionally get sleepaway camp-style homesick after being on the road for so long!

Cue the boys' emotional full-length video for "3000 Miles," where, in between strumming their guitars and staring pensively out the tour bus window, Drew, Wesley, and Keaton pine for the comfort of home and the friends they grew up with.

Watch Emblem3's "3000 Miles" video after the jump.

Picking up where their sneak peek left off, "3000 Miles" has the "Chloe (You're The Want That I Want)" singers cruising along the highway and thinking about what's going down on their home turf. Also, in between singing some seriously FOMO lyrics ("All my friend get together/ Wishing I was there/ But I'm never"), the boys throw in some "awwww"-inducing #TBT-style home movie footage. (Hint: Get ready to see some adorable chubby baby cheeks.)

Meanwhile, a secondary story line emerges: We meet a young, attractive couple, feeling all the #SADZ after learning they'll be torn apart by attending different collages. OH THE PAIN!

In all, "3000 Miles" reveals an emotional side of Emblem3 that makes us want to run to their side, run our fingers through their hair, and say "IT'S GONNA BE OK, BB." But on the other hand, there's also a tiny part of us that wants to be like, "ZIP IT with the tears! You're spending an extended period of time 5 inches away from Selena Gomez, which we're pretty sure beats hanging with your pals at the local bar." Sorry to be so harsh, but when we're right, we're right!

+ Watch Emblem3's "3000 Miles" video.

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