Cut Copy Introduce Alexander Skarsgard As A Shirtless Cult Leader In Their 'Free Your Mind' Video (NSFW)

Watch Cut Copy's "Free Your Mind" video.

Alexander Skarsgård seeks spiritual enlightenment in Cut Copy's "Free Your Mind" video.

When Aussie electropop duo Cut Copy first asked that we "Free Your Mind," we thought they meant something along the lines of "Lose Yourself To Dance," or whatever. But in their new, darkly funny "Free Your Mind" video, Cut Copy reveal that they had something a little weirder in mind. Something involving compound cults and our boyfriend shirtless Alexander Skarsgård.

Watch Cut Copy's "Free Your Mind" video after the jump.

The title track off of their upcoming fourth album, the Christopher Hill-directed "Free Your Mind" features Skarsgård (hay, Eric Northman from "True Blood"!) playing a long-haired, robe-wearing compound cult leader, who frankly kinda reminds us of Justin Theroux's "Seth" in "Wanderlust." Like, if Skarsgård weren't dead silent throughout the entire video, we'd expect him to say something along the lines of, "I drink the nourishment that Gaia is feeding me through her cloud teats." But moving on...

Strolling around his compound, Skarsgård surveys the scene. Surrounded by followers in blue tracksuits, Skarsgård briefly participates in a game of "Duck, Duck, Goose," shoots some (invisible) hoops, oversees a Baptism-y ritual in a laps pool, freely urinates with the door open, plays voyeur while a couple has sex, then proceeds to make out with the very same woman he was just spying on. Well, so much for pillow talk. At least the crush was mutual?

Watch "Free Your Mind" below, and look out for Cut Copy's album when it drops Nov. 5.

+ Watch Cut Copy's "Free Your Mind" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Loma Vista/Modular