Azealia Banks’ ‘Work B*tch’ Remix MIGHT Be Even Fiercer Than The Original (NSFW)

Azealia has taken Britney’s “Work!” mantra to staggering new heights.

Late last night, Azealia Banks dropped a killer remix of Britney Spears’ ode to neo-classical economic theory/ being flawless, “Work B*tch,” and the pairing is simply a match made in ballroom heaven.

As you remember, Azealia is a HUGE “Paris Is Burning” fan, even sampling audio from the iconic documentary on 2012’s “Fierce.” Well, the “Count Contessa” vocalist has definitely been watching it and re-watching it tons since then, because she straight-up channels the film’s emcee on this Brit-Brit remix, repeating, “U mad?” and “Get up, uh uh!” like a pro. It’s all… We can’t… No words… BRB, we need a couple minutes to werq through our feelings, Willi Ninja-style.

Listen to Britney Spears’ “Work B*tch (Azealia Banks Remix)” after the jump.

That’s better. Opening the remix by vocally mimicking the original “Work B**ch”’s pulsing synth, Azealia jumps right in by declaring: “I’mma give it to you now n****/ Of course I got the crown n****/ Jester bow down, I’ll fight another round since you’re off-off the ground n****.” Later, she warns, “Don’t cross the vision.” Ummm, we would NEVER.

As always, the “ATM Jam” rapper’s playful lyricism and edge-of-your-seat meter switching is on full display. But after a few listens to the frenetic Britney remix, we feel like we need to take a breather — no clue how Azealia herself isn’t exhausted after just recording the track! C’mon, Yung Rapunxel, go ahead and take a soak in the tub. You’ve earned it.

You want some tub time? Ya betta work, b*tch!

+ Listen to Britney Spears’ “Work B*tch (Azealia Banks Remix)” (NSFW).

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