Deap Vally Turn The 'Walk Of Shame' Into A Stride Of Pride In Their Gritty New Video

Watch Deap Vally's "Walk Of Shame" video.

Deap Vally give approximately zero effs as they take a "Walk Of Shame."

One of the things we love most about L.A. garage rock duo Deap Vally is their complete and utter lack of f***-giving. Seriously, we thought the girls were unapologetic about doing things that are "bad for my body" in their previous single, but now they've taken their no-eff-giving to an entirely new level in their insatiably watchable new video for "Walk Of Shame." But there's no shame in their game -- leave it to Deap Vally to turn a walk of shame into a STRIDE OF MOTHER-EFFING PRIDE.

Watch Deap Vally's "Walk Of Shame" video after the jump.

The latest single from their just-released LP, Sistrionix, the Tyler Shields-directed clip sees Lindsey and Julie, who are dressed to the nines in all manner shiny crop tops, ripped tights, moto jackets, and short shorts, strutting down a darkened street. No slut-shaming allowed here! Deap Vally are busy, badass ladies with a nightly agenda of finger-snapping, ass-shaking, head-banging, and lip-licking.

As the ladies continue to barrel down the road in their going-out tops, they announce to the world, "Gonna take a walk of shame/ Baby I don't feel no blame/ Cause I got places to go /But I got no change of clothes." Hell yeah! You do you, ladies. I think Matthew Wilder put it best when he declared, "Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride." #WordsToLiveBy

+ Watch Deap Vally's "Walk Of Shame" video.

Photo credit: Island Records