Star Spotting: Diddy + Cassie Sure Have An Interesting Way Of 'Sleeping Together' (PHOTOS)

Diddy sleeps on top of Cassie. Who knew?!

Make sure she can breathe, Diddy!

Look, it's not like we didn't already know that Diddy and Cassie were an item. It's just that unlike some other PDA-heavy couples (lookin' directly at you, snuggly-as-eff Danielle and Kevin Jonas), Cassie and her Bad Boy Records bossman/ IRL man-man have traditionally kept their whole romantic sitch on the down-low.

Until now, of course, because the "The Boys" singer has invited us to see where all the magic happens via Instagram! And by "magic," we mean where Diddy and Cassie sleep together. And by "sleep together," we mean where Diddy literally sleeps like a damn baby while comfortably nestled ON TOP of delicate, fragile little Cassie.

Check out more pictures of Diddy and Cassie in the bedroom after the jump.

Along with the photo of Cassie and her man "resting" or whatever, she captioned: "@iamdiddy can be pretty heavy sometimes... ???? This picture is cute to me because I normally sleep on top of him... He really fell asleep like this."

Cassie gives Diddy a foot rub.

Yes, that's Diddy's actual foot. 

On a personal note, we're not sure if we could ever comfortably doze off with our nonexistent boyf perched DIRECTLY ON TOP of us. Then again, it's not like we'd say no to this peculiar sleeping arrangement if Diddy (or Cassie for that matter, LBR) were the ones asking us to partake. All we'd need are a couple sips of Diddy's standby bevvie, Ciroc, and we'd easily be able to ignore the presumably EPIC case of pins and needles that sleeping under these two kids would cause.

Photo credit: Cassie's Instagram/ Diddy's Instagram