TLC ACTUALLY TOUCHED ME + More Life-Affirming Moments From The ‘CrazySexyCool’ Premiere (PHOTOS)

Our #feelings could barely HANDLE this momentous occasion!

Last night, I attended the New York City premiere of the upcoming TLC biopic, “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story,” which premieres on VH1 on Oct. 21 at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 CT. (For the non-initiated, here’s everything you ever need to know about TLC!) What happened on the K.Michelle-hosted red carpet? Let’s just say that literally all of my TRL-obsessed, ’90s child dreams came true. (Just like you, I get lonely embarrassingly OOC around iconic pop stars, too.)

Not only did I get to talk IRL to founding members T-Boz and Chilli — whose greatest hits album 20 featuring new single “Meant To Be” came out yesterday — but they even clued me in on what we can expect in terms of new material in 2014.

Also, I got to chat with Lil Mama (who plays Left Eye in the film), other celebs/ obvs TLC stans like Mack Wilds and Kandi Burruss, was in the presence of Missy Elliott, caught a glimpse of the legendary Ms. Diana Ross, and came even closer to solving the mystery of whether LL Cool J is actually a vampire or not. To understand WTF I’m talking about, check out the from-the-frontlines photos below.

T-minus five minutes before the first red carpet arrivals. Paging Cher Horowitz, because I’m, like, totally buggin’!

Well hello, Ms. K.Michelle! You look lovely and envelope-pushy as always. (Read up on her supremely sheer fashion statement, here.)

Oh hay, Kandi Burruss, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and writer of “No Scrubs“!

Kandi’s favorite TLC song? (Other than “No Scrubs,” duh.) “Baby Baby Baby.”

Tristan “Mack” Wilds popped by. I think he winked at me. BRB crumbling into a million pieces.

OK, all taped back up. His fave TLC track? “Red Light Special.” Cut to the necessary visual!

Check out more photos from the “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” red carpet after the jump.

I asked the “Own It” singer who he should play in a biopic. His response? The ageless LL Cool J.

Seeing that LL has aged, like, 2 days in the past 30 years, we think Mack could probably play him from ages 20 to 120.

Related: Is LL Cool J a vampire? We both came to the incredibly scientific conclusion that… um, yeah. Probably.

Danielle Brooks and Uzo Aduba (a.k.a., Taystee and Suzanne/ “Crazy Eyes” from “Orange Is The New Black”) didn’t have time to talk. #AllTheSads

And neither did Questlove. #OhWait #MoreSads #IFoundThem

I just wanted to tell you that Lorde truly loves you! Even more than the star-nosed mole!

But our snub of the night goes to none other than Diana Ross, who flashed by in a magnificent blur. #Mahogany #Goddess #BowDown

The stunning Drew Sidora, who plays T-Boz in “CrazySexyCool,” came by, though!

Drew said that the “No Scrubs” video was her favorite to recreate. T-Boz worked super hard to make sure that Drew got all of her mannerisms DOWN!

We think that Drew totally pulled off T-Boz’s hard-edged, “No Scrubs” mugging, don’t you? (Watch what else Drew Sidora has to say about TLC, here.)

I asked Lil Mama what her favorite costume was. “A-huh, ’SCRUBS,'” she cackled like some kind of fabulously wicked, aquamarine queen.

Turns out that Drew, Mama, and Keke (who plays Chilli) got to wear the actual “No Scrubs” costumes! Ahh!!!! Jealous.

Goddess alert!

I asked Chilli about any new material we can expect in 2014. “We’re almost done,” she told me, “but I can’t wait until it comes out.” #SameSameSameSame

T-Boz said that their new music’s gonna be nothing like “Meant To Be.” Expect a whole new TLC album — whole new TLC vibe. “Oh, we’re coming.”

FTR, both founding TLC members touched my arm. Betcha wished ya signed my yearbook now, ALL OF 8TH GRADE!


“CrazySexyCool” itself was obvs a life-changing experience — I was crying “Waterfalls” by the end. Literally my face:

Oh, and BTW I saw Missy Elliott when I was leaving the theater!!!!

AHHHH! I am finally at peace.


Photo credit: Getty Images, MTV/ GIFs: vancouver.tumblr via Buzzfeed, love90s101.tumblr, rowlegend.tumblr, loljam, qualityreactions.tumblr

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