Lorde Shares Her Cookie Dough Ball Obsession And Pricelessly Reacts To Discovering A Star-Nosed Mole (VIDEOS)

Find out five things that Lorde is obsessed with!

Considering how ob-sessed we are with Lorde — whose debut LP, Pure Heroine, now tops our “Stranded on a Desert Island Must-Haves” list along with “water” and “an air of whimsy” — we were dying to flip the script and learn what her obsessions are. Fortunately, we recently had the chance to sit down with the 16-year-old New Zealand prodigy to find out exactly that.

Watch the “5 Weird, Disparate Things Lorde’s Obsessed With” video after the jump.

As it turns out, the “Royals” singer, who’d just performed on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” the night before, revealed that she is a huge fan of ?uestlove and would “kill a small child” for cookie dough balls. (HER WORDS, NOT OURS.)

Rounding out the list, the No. 1 chart-topper noted how much melon Americans eat on the reg, adding that: “I love melons! Lorde loves melons!” We easily could’ve taken that out of context, but we didn’t — YA WELCOME. Another great decontextualized line? “Saucy.” Oh, and you definitely don’t want to miss Lorde’s reaction to seeing a star-nosed mole for the first time.

In case you weren’t already familiar with the star-nosed mole…

Needless to say, our obsession with the young singer is starting to border on “Single White Female” territory, and we’re not even apologizing for it. BRB, calling our hairdresser. (“Yes, that’s right — GIVE US ’THE LORDE.'”)

+ Watch the “5 Weird, Disparate Things Lorde’s Obsessed With” video, and see Lorde discuss her newfound fame.

Photo credit: MTV, Getty Images

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