Jonas Brothers Cancel Tour + Relationship Is On The Rocks. PLEASE DON'T BREAK UP, JONAS BROTHERS!

Jonas Brothers cancel tour, might break up.

The Jonas Brothers canceled their tour?!! NOOOoooOOOooooo.......

Everything was going according to plan. October had just started to feel like real October (as opposed to that weird summer-into-fall menopausal I-don't-know-how-to-feel weather thing NYC likes to do), I'd just returned from a suuuuuper relaxing vacation, I'd finally come to terms with the end of "Breaking Bad," and, suddenly, out of nowhere, BAM. Life / The Internet dropped the biggest of all possible bombs.

According to multiple sources, The Jonas Brothers have canceled their upcoming tour, AND fans are speculating that the trio might actually break up?!! OK, for one thing, WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? For another thing, if Kevin, Nick, and Joe DO break up, then we just might break up with LIFE AS WE KNOW IT.


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How do we know all this? Well, according to the band's rep, the Brothers Jonas have indeed canceled their 19-date tour due to "a deep rift within the band." Apparently "There was a big disagreement over their music direction" and stuff like that. The rep reportedly also told People that the future of the band "remains to be seen" and added that it's all about "creative differences" in the band. Welp, I think I speak for everybody here when I say, "WAHHHHHHHHHHH."

But before I burrito myself up into a ball of blankets and sob uncontrollably in the fetal position clutching a bucket of KFC, I just want to address the Jonas Brothers directly. Before anyone says anything that they don't mean and/or makes a potentially irreversible decision (till the next reunion tour, that is), please just try and think back on all of the good times and "First Times" we've had together, bros!

Nick! You'd just come out as the Hottest Man Alive on Instagram! Joe! Who are we gonna Photoshop into a dog on your birthday? Kevin! ...Well, you'll probably be fine because you've got a gorgeous wife and baby on the way and a reality show about both things, but STILL! THINK OF THE FANS. Please don't let this be..... "The Last Time." (OK, lame joke, but you can't say anything, because this is precisely what happens when I get #vulnerable.)

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