Star Spotting: Ariana Grande + Nathan Sykes Take Their Beyond-Adorable Romance Abroad To London (PHOTOS)

Ariana and Nathan Sykes looking pretty damn couple-y in London.

Ariana and Nathan look PRETTY DAMN COUPLE-Y, if we may say so ourselves.

After Ariana Grande and The Wanted's Nathan Sykes officially announced their relationship via Twitter, we knew that we were in for a wild ride of sickeningly adorable images of them doing things that young couples in love do.

And now, thanks to a well-placed paparazzo who was -- #PRAISE EVERYTHING -- able to capture the "Almost Is Never Enough" duet partners mid-cuddle while departing London's Sushi Samba, we can check "watching Nathiana holding hands and swapping cheek kisses after eating overpriced yellow tail sashimi" off of our bucket list.

Check out more photos of Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes in London after the jump.

Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes get cuddly in London.

Lips to cheek, people!! LIPS.TO.CHEEK.

Naturally, these photos of Ari and Nathan leaving a restaurant beg the question: Where's this romantical duo going to next?! To the studio to record a full album of passionate duets?

Ariana Grande and Nathan Skykes hold hands while leaving Sushi Samba in London.

If "The Lion King" taught us anything, it's that head nuzzles = TRUE LOVE.

Or, maybe to a posh hotel rooftop overlooking Big Ben to make out while simultaneously reveling in how lucky they are to both be blessed with killer voices, killer bodies, killer bank accounts, and a generally killer life that -- *DEEP BREATH* -- probably enables them to order unlimited quantities of that fatty toro sushi that we plebeians almost never order 'cause it's way too pricey. Oops, are we projecting? Le sigh.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News