One Direction Posts #tbt Childhood Photos, Soul-Crushing Cuteness Ensues

Harry Styles' #TBT melts our fragile hearts!

Even at a young age, Harry Styles' eyes were like deep pools of ocean blue!

Is your day off to a rough start? Not to worry -- we have something that will FIX YOU IMMEDIATELY!

Nope, it's not a Chanel bag (although that might also work in a pinch), but something clearly geared for everlasting happiness/perma-warm feelings in your soul: One Direction's BAND-WIDE, coordinated #TBT photos announcing their upcoming single, "Story Of My Life," which is set to appear on their Nov. 25 album release, Midnight Memories.

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That's right: Instead of taking a more traditional song announcement route, the sneaky, lovely lads of 1D hatched a plan to a.) reveal the title of their new single, and b.) tweet some EPICALLY adorable baby photos.

And by "baby photos" we do in fact mean stunning images of tater-tot size 1D members like Harry Styles rocking some cozy Disney jammies and holding action figures!! WE DIE.


Another favorite of the bunch? Oh, that'd be lil' chunky-cheeked (no shade!) Liam Payne posing proudly next to a vaguely frightening Gandolf-esque statue.

Anyway, we get it. It's totally crazy to think that these beyond-adorable tykes would eventually grow into strapping, talented, muscularly gifted young men (and it must be even weirder for their moms), but there you have it! One Direction forever win at #TBT!

Related: If 1D's moms could hold an emergency meeting attempting to find a common veggie they each fed their sons, we'd really appreciate it. Just as a #protip for when we have our future kids. Not even a little ashamed to say that I'd just about kill to give birth to a future pop star.

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Photo credit: @Harry_Styles/@Real_Liam_Payne