F*** Twerking! Lady Gaga Is Working With R. Kelly, And That's The Only Thing That Will EVER MATTER!

R. Kelly will feature on Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want."

This amazing bit of news is trapped in the closet no more!

With apologies to Smilers worldwide, we've gotta put a pin in Miley Cyrus' Bangerz parade for a hot sec because we can only focus on one zeitgeist-capturing life event at the present moment: Lady Gaga's ARTPOP track "Do What U Want" will feature none other than legendary panty-dropper, R. Kelly himself! We never thought we'd hear ourselves say this, but twerking can wait.

ICYMI, Gaga officially announced the final, confirmed 15-song ARTPOP track list last night on Twitter only a couple of hours after dropping the "Aura" lyric video. While we were super bummed to learn that "Sexxx Dreams" apparently will not feature that rumored "monster hook" by Rihanna, this MAJOR R. Kelly reveal has rendered us BEYOND excited. Or, as we might have expressed it when we first heard the news last night: "OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG."

WAIT, do you think that this duet could be the confirmed Beyoncé-less sequel to "Telephone," aka, part three in the Jonas Åkerlund-directed music video trilogy that began with "Paparazzi"??  Dare we dream of someday listening to "Telephone (The Ignition (Remix) Remix)"?! Hold the phone, imminent collapse of American government as we know it, because WE'RE 2 BUSY 2 B BOTHERED.

Photo credit: Getty Images