Video Premiere: Travie McCoy And Jason Mraz Duet Their Way Through Upside-Down NYC In ‘Rough Water’

Travie McCoy and Jason Mraz tour NYC in their “Rough Water” video.

Who among us hasn’t had a terrible, awful, no good, very bad relationship problem? Especially in a city like New York, where terrible, awful, no good, very bad relationship problems are pretty much par for the course. (Thanks for nothing, OKCupid.)

Well, something tells us that singer / rapper / Gym Class Heroes member Travie McCoy knows what we’re talking about in his just-released “Rough Water” video, which features an upside-down NYC and plenty of shots with singer-songwriter Jason Mraz. Together, the two musicians talk-sing us through any and all relationship problems, and reassure us that everything will be OK if we just “hold tight, baby.”

Watch Travie McCoy’s “Rough Water” video featuring Jason Mraz after the jump.

Filmed all over NYC, the Ethan Lader-directed clip takes its camera work a step further by mirroring every shot so that the bottom half of the screen matches the top (think: if the Big Apple morphed into an optical illusion-y fun house). And even though “Rough Water” may induce a little seasickness (see what we did there?), Travie and Jason look perfectly balanced. In fact, Jason’s hanging one-handed from the Brooklyn Bridge! That takes #talent, my friends.

Traversing all over NY’s streets, the two musicians hit up familiar sites like DUMBO, the Brooklyn Bridge, the L.E.S., and even Madison Square Park. As Jason sings the song’s addictive hook (“Never let go of me/ Hold tight, it’s gonna get hard to breathe/ And I would never let you drown/ Even if we’re going down”), Travie calmly cruises around in his BMW convertible and promises to “be the Leo DiCaprio to your Kate Winslet.” Um, you’re about 16 years too late for that reference, Travie, but we’ll let it go because you seem like a chill bro, and because you’re a dude who’s not afraid to admit you watched “Titanic.”

+ Watch Travie McCoy’s “Rough Water” video featuring Jason Mraz.

Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen

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