Lady Gaga's 'Aura' Lyric Video: Watch Sofia Vergara Shoot People With Her Boobs + More 'Machete Kills' Badassery

Watch Lady Gaga's new lyric video for "Aura."

"Straight-up... or flair?"

All's been pretty quiet on the Lady Gaga front for the past month or so -- Monday's life-changing reveal of ARTPOP's cover aside. But, all that changed tonight when the "Applause" singer took to Twitter to release a lyric video for her Zedd-produced track, "Aura."

The clip features tattered Wild West lettering and a whole lotta violence from Robert Rodriguez's upcoming film, "Machete Kills," in which the EMA nominee herself and Sofía Vergara's (apparently) highly weaponized, bullet-shooting boobs feature prominently.

Watch Lady Gaga's "Aura" lyric video after the jump.

Other actors from the movie who make cameos in Gaga's "Aura" video include star and irrepressible badass Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Charlie Sheen, and Amber Heard.

Oh, and even though it looks like Cuba Gooding Jr. makes an appearance as well, don't be fooled. Taking a page out of the "Mission: Impossible II" playbook, he rips off what was really just a convincing face mask disguise to reveal that he was none other than Tom Cruise Lady Gaga all along. Le gasp! (No, but #RealTalk, how many f****** face mask reveals were there in "M:I-2." Like, COME ON.)

WOO! More ARTPOP (out Nov. 11)! Feels good, yeah? We think we speak for all Little Monsters when we say: UGH, FINALLY! We didn't know how much longer we could take! TMI, but this anticipation was giving us some serious ARTPOP blue balls, and -- OH MY GOD WE FINALLY GET JEFF KOONS.

+ Watch Lady Gaga's "Aura" lyric video.

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