Song Premiere: Listen To Steve Aoki's EDM Remix Of Bonnie McKee's 'American Girl'

Listen Steve Aoki's EDM remix of Bonnie McKee's "American Girl."

EDM master Steve Aoki created a grimy remix of Bonnie McKee's pop anthem "American Girl."

If you've ever heard Bonnie McKee's "American Girl," then you don't need us to tell you that her jam deserves the No. 1 slot on our "Uptempo Pop Songs That Get Us Through Our Morning Commute" playlist. (Bonnie's famous friends Katy PerryAdam LambertKe$ha, Macklemore, and Lance Bass would probably agree, even if their commutes are presumably way more pleasant.)

So what's the only way to reinterpret a record that needs absolutely zero tweaks? Flip it on its head and turn it into a thumping, pulsating EDM masterpiece! And the man for the job? Los Angeles electro/EDM remixer extraordinaire Steve Aoki.

Listen to Steve Aoki's remix of Bonnie McKee's "American Girl."

In his revamped "American Girl" remix, Steve went ahead and created a new version of Bonnie's bubbly, sunshiny, sugary, polished pop gem. Not only did the EDM Effect Woodie nominee swap Bonnie's sparkling synths for a grimier, grittier vibe, but he toned down the melody and turned up the electronic breaks, flairs, sirens, and whistles.

The result? Add this track to your morning coffee, and you'll officially be that person on the subway who dances to the beat of their own headphones. But cooler.

+ Listen to Steve Aoki's remix of Bonnie McKee's "American Girl."

Photo credit: Epic Records