These Videos From Este + Danielle Haim's Valli Girls Days Are Giving Us Crazy 2004–2005 Flashbacks

Watch videos of HAIM's pre-HAIM days.

The HAIM sisters are just so effortlessly cool, right?

As you should definitely know by now, we here at Buzzworthy are, like, the Oxford English Dictionary definition of obsessed with HAIM, the Los Angeles-based rock trio whose debut LP, Days Are Gone, has given us more strength than a thousand cc of horse steroids ever could. Songs like "Falling," "Don't Save Me," and "The Wire"? LIFE, they give us.

What you may not be aware of, however, is that before the sisters formed their band, the eldest two, Este and Danielle, were in this all-girl, pop-rock outfit called Valli Girls who apparently guested on an episode of MTV's PR reality show, "PoweR Girls" in 2005. They sounded like Josie And The Pussycats as covered by Kidz Bop Kids, and we obviously mean that with the highest of regards.

Watch videos of HAIM's pre-HAIM days.

No offense, ladies, but this is pretty life-affirming.

Watch videos and check out more pictures of Este and Danielle Haim from their Valli Girls days after the jump.

Thanks to some top-shelf, Mary-Kate and Ashley-level sleuthing (i.e., searching "Valli Girls" on YouTube), we managed to track down three of the pre-HAIM ladies' music videos. First up is "Perfect Girl," a clip set at some West Coast pool party that we really feel like we saw on Disney Channel circa 2004. How easy is it to imagine this video edited together with scenes from, like, "The Princess Diaries 3: Dame Julie Andrews Has Had Enough"??

Watch videos of HAIM's pre-HAIM days.

LOVE how they are posed nearly the exact same way as the photo before this.

The second video, "Born To Lead," is equally tame. If we still met the maximum height requirements to play in the McDonald's ball pit, we would be all about this G-rated take on teenage rebellion. But because we are fully grown adults, we only legitimately like two things about the clip: 1.) Este has been honing her patented awesome neck moves and bass-face for nearly 10 years (skip to 0:27), and 2.) the second top comment rightly pointing out that "none of those instruments are making the melody."

But, when it comes to Valli Girls' "It's A Hair Thing" video, WE ARE IN LOVE. The track's got such expertly penned lyrics as "Generation 'Why not have fun?'" and "We conquer evil then go shopping." And we can't even begin to get over the fact that it was originally created as the theme music for a cartoon called "Trollz," which was a failed rebranding of Troll dolls into the Bratz mold. No irony, no "so bad it's good" -- WE ARE OBSESSED. Enjoy all three clips below.

+ Watch Valli Girls' "It's A Hair Thing" video, check out the "Perfect Girl" video, and don't miss the "Born To Lead" video.

Photo credit: Bella Lieberberg, Getty Images