Star Spotting: Who Wants To Count Justin Bieber's Rippling Abs In This Shirtless Photo?

Justin Bieber's abs are in RARE form right now.

Let's give a hearty "mazel tov!!" to Justin Bieber's abs. 

Counting can be fun, right? Well, here's a numbers game we think you'll all enjoy: Let's play a little something we like to call "count the number of packs that define Justin Bieber's EPIC abdominal region!" Per the above photo of Justin and his oh-so-burly trainer, Patrick Nilsson, our tally comes to eight, if you include the two little adorable packs nestled right under JB's bulging pecs -- and we are OBVIOUSLY counting them.

(Related: Apologies if any of that ventured a little too far into bodybuilder-themed erotica. We're in a fragile state right now, because lately the only things we've been able to count are the days left in our all-greens juice cleanse and the number of pics our ex-boyf has Insta'd of his new girlfriend. Shirtless Justin is a WELCOME change.)

Posting the photo on Instagram, the "Heartbreaker" singer captioned: "Me and my trainer." Well, if this is the man responsible for the many, many, many other Adonis-level shirtless JB masterpieces that we've been treated to, then we feel like we need to, like, reward him big time. We know! Dear "The Federal Government": 1.) Get to "Work B**ch," and 2.) please appoint Patrick Nilsson the, uhhh... IDK, "Defense Undersecretary of Toning America and Keeping It Tight." Thx!

Photo credit: Patrick Nilsson's Instagram