Eminem Challenges Newbies To Come For His Rap Game Throne In 'Survival' (NSFW) (VIDEO)

 Watch Eminem's "Survival" video.

...Please don't hurt me.

Eminem just dropped his new "Survival" video, and in it, we seem Em promoting the latest fragrance in his line of unisex eau de toilette, "Peace, Love, and Daisy Chains." Oh, wait, sorry -- I think I just had a stroke. What I meant to say is that Em's back on the offensive with his "Call Of Duty: Ghosts" tie-in track, describing his inimitable rise to fame and offering up a pretty terrifying "bring it on" challenge to any potential usurpers of his throne. Any takers?

Watch Eminem's "Survival" video after the jump.

In between Liz Rodrigues of The New Royales' choruses ("This is survival of the fittest/ This is do or die"), Eminem's nearly unmatched rhyming abilities are on full display as he raps in front of scenes from "Call Of Duty: Ghosts" projected in an abandoned industrial loft. (Anyone called fives yet on reclaiming the space yet? Hello, loft space!)

Back to Em's crazy syntax. Try to wrap your mind around how this rhymes and flows together: "Throw me to them wolves and close the gate up/ I'm afraid of what'll happen to them wolves/ When the thought of being thrown into an alligator pit, I salivate at it/ Raise your, hands up like it's 12 noon, nah, homie/ Hold them b****** straighter up, wave 'em 'til you dislocate a rotator cuff." Paging Petrarch! WHAT IS THIS RHYME SCHEME?!

"Survival" and its preceding single, "Berzerk," will be included on Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (out Nov. 5).

+ Watch Eminem's "Survival" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Interscope