Star Spotting: Amber Rose Teaches Her Son Sebastian How To Swim, So Get Your 'Awwws' Ready! (PHOTOS)

Amber Rose teaches her son Sebastian how to swim!

Learning to swim in the comfort of Amber's bosom must feel really safe. 

Wanna know how Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's adorable li'l bb, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz (aka, "The Bash"), is learning to swim? Oh, just nestled comfortably in the bosom of his too-dope-for-words mom while she rocks a half sleeve of tattoos and an angular, geometric hair situation that we could never pull off.

Wanna know how I learned to swim? Picture: my uncle's backyard. My parents threw some half-inflated water wings on me and let me fly. (I think maybe there were some actual lifeguard-instructed lessons involved somewhere as well, but I was obviously too busy crying to notice.) The moral of the story? Celebrity kids are literally NOTHING LIKE US.

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Like Amber did with all of her epic baby bump pics, she shared this "AW"-tastic moment on Instagram, captioning: "My boy wants to learn how to swim at 7 months old.... So I'm gonna teach him." Truly, we imagine that being lovingly cradled by Amber is the absolute perfect way to learn how to navigate the world's treacherous waters (SWIMMING PUNS).

Amber Rose teaches her son Sebastian how to swim!

Learning to swim in the arms of an angel.

Sidenote: We're pretty sure that the Bash's friends are gonna LOVE looking at his baby pics when they're all teenagers -- like, look at Amber's OOC cleavage! The term "M.I.L.F." seems like an understatement.

Photo credit: Amber Rose's Instagram