Video Premiere: Watch Camryn Open For One Direction + Greet Hoards Of Screaming Stans In 'LoveSick'

Watch Camryn's "LoveSick" video.

Camryn's opening for One Direction, and she's only 14! 

Not sure what y'all were doing at 14 (I was ordering the ENTIRE Delia's catalog... DEAL WITH IT), but blonde-haired rocker Camryn? She's currently on tour with the one and only One Direction! Yep, we repeat, at only 14 years old, Denver native Camryn has nabbed the opening slot on all 72 of 1D's sold-out 2013 European concert dates (running through Nov. 13). Now, let's all think about that while we mentally relive our teen years, OK? *Sobs*

But touring with 1D isn't all Camryn's been up to. She's also dropped a brand-new single: a rock-tinged pop jam (think Avril Lavigne meets Kelly Clarkson) called "LoveSick." And even better? "LoveSick"'s just been given a video, which, #PRAISE, features a montage of Camryn demolishing her opening slot on 1D's tour.

Watch Camryn's "LoveSick" video after the jump.

In the Cameron Wyckoff-directed clip, a perfectly coiffed Camryn preps for the big show (in a very intimidating-looking arena, we might add). The "Now Or Never" singer soundchecks, does multiple hair-flips, does even more hair-flips, and takes the stage to perform her hit to sold-out crowds. And then of course there's the requisite montage of Camryn interacting with rabid fans, taking selfies with even more Stans, and, of course, signing autographs.

Nowadays, when she's not slaying the teenage game and, you know, GOING TO SCHOOL, Camryn's hard at work in the studio writing and recording her highly anticipated debut album. And while we have no doubt that her debut will be an instant best-seller, it really doesn't hurt that she just spent the better part of a year opening for One Direction, amirite? We're just saying! 72 tour dates is a TON of time to to discuss possible collaborations. #HINTHINTHINTHINT.

Watch Camryn's "Lovesick" video.

Photo credit: 5280 Media