Paris Hilton Drops 'Good Time' Featuring Lil Wayne, We Drop Dead From Anticipatory Exhaustion

Listen to Paris Hilton's "Good Time" featuring Lil Wayne.

Are you having a good time? Asking for a friend. (Paris Hilton)

The bad news is that Paris Hilton's "Good Time" video featuring Lil Wayne still won't come out until tomorrow, Oct. 8. The good news is that we've at least got our hands on the audio for her comeback single, an ode to foam, diamonds, and being 'bout that Ibiza lyfe. The practical news is that we've remembered to drink water at regular 90-minute intervals throughout the day. The bratty news is that we wanna see the "Good Time" video NOW.

Listen to Paris Hilton's "Good Time" featuring Lil Wayne after the jump.

So, what's new this time around the ol' Heiress Paris "Good Time" merry-go-round? (#BadAtMetaphors) Well, we finally hear the high-energy verses and dance breaks in between the "Are ya havin' a good time?" hook that we've already heard in the teasers. We can definitely imagine ourselves letting loose in the middle of the Amnesia Nightclub dance floor with our glamorous, jet-setting entourage. You can't meet them. They live in Canada.

Fellow Cash Money label mate Lil Wayne also gets to unleash his full verse this time. It doesn't go any deeper than the "I walked up to a big butt/ And asked her ass, 'But, what?'" lyric we already listened to, but hey, isn't thinking too hard kinda antithetical to having a good time? (Remember: Don't think too hard on your answer.)

+ Listen to Paris Hilton's "Good Time" featuring Lil Wayne.

Photo credit: Cash Money Records