AlunaGeorge's 'Best Be Believing' Video: The Hottest Mental Hospital Dance Party EVER!

Aluna George commandeer a mental health facility in their "Best Be Believing" video.

AlunaGeorge party down at a mental hospital in their "Best Be Believing" video.

It's never a "Bad Idea" to listen to London-based pop duo AlunaGeorge. (Get it? #LamePuns.) AlunaGeorge has been making serious waves across the pond after being placed placed at No. 2 on the BBC's prestigious "Sound Of" list for 2013, and now they're well on their way to dominating the U.S.

How, you ask? Just look to "Best Be Believing," the insanely infectious latest offering from the duo's gem of a debut, Body Music. Plus, "Best Be Believing" also comes with a perfectly kitschy video, which, if you've ever wondered what a mentally imbalanced pop star looks like, means today is your lucky day.

Watch AlunaGeorge's "Best Be Believing" video after the jump.

In what is surely Aluna's most elaborate visual to date, "Best Be Believing" takes place at a mental facility, where Aluna Francis (the group's female counterpart) is dramatically admitted as a patient against her will. Naturally, Aluna's arrival spurs a mutiny of sorts amongst the patients; instead of listening to their nurses and taking their pills, Aluna and the rest of her all-white-wearing-everything cray-cray crew break out into spontaneous fits of dance!

And just so his cute punim gets some face time, George (the group's male counterpart), playing doctor, seems none too pleased with Aluna's dancing tendencies. Then again, it's those slick dance moves, paired with some infectious synth-laden production, of course, that contributed to AlunaGeorge's success in the first place.

Soooo maybe Dr. George should just zip it and help Aluna plan her escape from the loony bin? (Or, at the very least, hook her up with some extra cafeteria lunch.)

Watch AlunaGeorge's "Best Be Believing" video.

Photo credit: Island Records

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